We are an interdisciplinary Quantum eXploration Lab that works at the intersection of physics, chemistry, and computer science. We are primarily interested in quantum mechanics of Spins and its applications in quantum sensing and quantum computing. We also do detailed quantum mechanical computations to understand the dynamics of electron and nuclear spins in magnetic resonance studies, particularly Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP). We develop quantum materials for quantum sensing applications such as hyperpolarized imaging by combining optical and magnetic resonance techniques.

Another area of study is the development of novel magnetic resonance spectroscopy for the investigation of biosolids and materials. Although both EPR and NMR are main magnetic resonance technologies, they offer significant advantages. EPR has high sensitivity but low resolution, whereas NMR has low sensitivity but high resolution. Our goal is to maximize sensitivity and resolution by combining the best of EPR and NMR.

If you are interested in any of the above, please join us.